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Dear Future Customers For Life Agency Owner
From: The laptop of Nic Peterson
Re: Welcome to the Customers For Life Agency

You did it.
Look at what just happened here.
  • Somehow, something, somewhere got your attention and told you about Customers For Life...
  • ​You were curious…
  • ​And you came to our my site…
  • ​You became interested in what I had to say… 
  • ​And you liked what you read…
  • ​And you pulled the trigger on the Customers For Life book…
That Chain Of Events Where You Made 
The Right Decisions At The Right Time 
- Tells Me Something About You
That something is that you’re not just another curious tire-kicker who’s dabbling with the idea of running a successful agency.

No, that tells me that you’re not only serious…

That you’re not only committed to this.

But that you’re invested in this.
You’re Invested To The Success Of Your Business
And because of that - what I say next will be crucial to the success of your agency

Here’s a trick question most people get wrong...

What are the top THREE things you have in common with billionaires, celebrities, and Fortune 500 CEOs?

You’re probably terrified about losing all your money.

Yes, it’s true.

Even a little harsh...

But even the ultra rich toss and turn at night asking themselves…

“Am I going to be okay?

“... am I going to lose my money someday?”

Which leads us to number two…

You probably believe “more money” will
solve your problems.

I know, it sounds crazy.

But after working behind the scenes with 1,000s of business owners...

Ranging from billionaires to your local mom and pops bakery...

We’ve discovered that “more money” is
NOT the answer…

Because if you want to retire your parents...

Spend more time with your family...

Or sip Mai Tais with your feet kicked up on a beach somewhere...

 … then “more money” might be taking you further away from those things instead of closer.

Which brings us to our third and final point...

You can create real wealth, protect that wealth, and use it to take home much more cash than you’re doing now…
without needing more “sales.”

Which brings us to our third and final point...

You can create real wealth, protect that wealth, and use it to take home much more cash than you’re doing now…
without needing more “sales.”

What if you could stop worrying about money and achieve your lifestyle goals. 
Think about YOUR goals for a second...

Wouldn't you like to someday retire your parents or spouse?...

Who wouldn't, right?


We introduced you to a new way of thinking, a new way of handling your money that could help you achieve these goals? Listen to this.

We're going to show you...

… the everyday business owner...

How to enjoy more take-home income using what we call “Cashflow Engineering” which consists of four simple steps that anybody can follow.

Four simple steps is all it takes to fund your perfect lifestyle and afford your biggest dreams much sooner than later...
This is not just for the elite.

This Is Not Just For The Elite.
Your average entrepreneur can benefit from applying this into their lives.
Take my business partner Nic for example...
This system identified $2,200 per month of cash in Nic’s business that he didn’t know existed.
The system also showed Nic where to re-allocate that money, which is expected to turn into a whopping $1.3 million before he’s 50.
Or take Cindy...
A private client of ours who’s 60 years old and runs a big farm. She had been struggling with how to fund her retirement for over 10 years.
Within a 35-minute conversation following the results from this cashflow engineering...
She got total clarity on how she could finally retire herself sooner than she thought possible.
Now let me be clear...

This is NOT about taxes, finance, or any of that stuff.

This isn’t even about marketing or sales strategies.

This is about wealth creation.
  • “Drop $10,000 on a branding reboot!”
  • “Spend 20% of your budget on advertising!”
  • “Hire this killer sales guy I know... he’ll save you!”
  • “Get on social media and create content 3 times a day!”
  • “Follow this amazing new tactic, it’s crushing for everybody!”​
Sure these might work for a week or two..

 … if you’re lucky.

But then they stop working. And for most people, they never work in the first place.

It sounds contrarian.

Marketing strategy gets you more MONEY, but business strategy gets you more WEALTH.

Both are very different things…

You’ll never hear an “internet marketer” or some online “business influencer” talk about it.

Is that somebody you want to take advice from?

While most of these “fake it until you make it experts” talk about 7 figures this, 10x’ing that, and posting Stripe and Paypal screenshots online…

It’s NOT about tax strategies or book keeping that people really want.
Because similar to you, we are just everyday business owners with normal lives.

That’s why we’re dedicated to the art, science, and practice of wealth acceleration.

Creating strategies to get you to where you want to be in your business.

We’ve turned my decades of experience into a simple 4-step process I call the C.A.S.E. Framework.

-You won’t hear any “social media” rockstar talk about this in their live videos anytime soon…
-You won’t be able to sign up to any other “free webinar” and learn about it…
-In fact, check Amazon or Google and you won’t be able to find anything remotely similar to this.

It’s unfortunate because people need this now more than ever.

  • 8 in 10 business make it past their first year...
  • More than HALF of them fail within the next 5 years…
  • ​Only 1 in 3 of those survive 10 years or more to tell the tale…
  • And in 2017, 241,000 businesses opened while 226,000 businesses closed.
And you wanna’ know the biggest mistake that’s probably killing your business right now?

Believing MORE money is going to solve your problems.

Making more money is NOT the answer.
I Call This The "Marketer's Frame"
  • You do NOT need a new funnel.
  • You do NOT need a new sales guy.
  • You do NOT need a "brand" reboot.
  • You do NOT need to expand to a new channel.
  • ​You do NOT need a better ad campaign or to spend more on ads.
Marketers and salespeople will bury your business.

Marketing, sales, and revenue are NOT what’s stopping you from reaching your goals.
It’s this type of thinking that actually leads to some of the most painful challenges a business owner faces.

4-Step C.A.S.E. Framework
  • The first step is COMPILE -- here we compile all the important data and “hidden assets” in your business so we can discover how to rearrange them to create maximum wealth.
  • The second step is ANALYZE -- instead of just trying to “sell” and “scale” all the time, we aim to take what we found in the first step and create your optimal path towards your Profit Priorities.
  • The third step is STRATEGIZE -- now we begin to set tangible action steps in place that will take us closer TOWARDS your goals instead of further away.
  • And the fourth and final step is EXECUTE -- now we follow a near bulletproof plan that can withstand almost any economy and move you closer towards buying the lifestyle you’ve always wanted for yourself.
This strategy increased our cash flow by $350k per year... without adding any extra revenue or taking on any more risk.
We show agency owners how to put more cash their bank and fund their perfect lifestyle.
During which time these agency owners will learn how to use the same framework I use with my billionaire and Fortune 500 CEO Clientele for creating more wealth...

The way they do it…


Let’s say my business partner and I were there to help you …
  • Win back 10 hours a week of blank space
  • Retire your parents
  • Retire your spouse
  • ​Spend more time with the kids
  • Send your kids to college
  • ​ Travel more
  • ​Buy a second home
  • ​Pay off debts
  • ​Show off a brand-new car
  • ​Kick back and relax
  • ​Create passive income
  • ​Create a business with purpose and impact
  • ​And change your family's life.
“What If” Is The Question...And Here’s The Answer...
Have a look at this
This is a private wealth course.

It’s not just any course - it’s a private masterclass where the latest strategies, techniques and tactics of the agency business model are discussed.

It’s also largely responsible for my own success.
It’s Called The Cashflow Engineering Masterclass 

The Ultimate Wealth Acceleration Course That Puts More Take-Home Cash Into Your Bank Account Without Spending More On Sales, Marketing, Or Advertising.

And it’s composed of highly successful agency owner's techniques.

Who each have a proven track record of crushing it in their respective niches.
Their revenues range in from low 5 figures to high as 7 figures.
Some run multiple online wealth services like me…

Others run Facebook Ad agencies….

And others offer LinkedIn services…

Others focus on SEO…

While others focus on sub niches such as helping lawyers and accountants get clients.

The groups business interests are diverse, but they all have one thing in common…

They’re all agency owners who live a lifestyle of fun, freedom and adventure.

Designed by Fortune 500 owners...

for YOU, the everyday business owner.
And In Just A Moment - You’re Going To Get A Shot 
At Joining This Elite Group Of Agency Owners…
And when you do your life will never be the same.
Because...if you didn’t know already...

This wealth acceleration course.. is the key that unlocks the door to greatness

Most people in business for 5+ years struggle, burn cash, and feel scared about losing all their money someday...

They think that making more money is the answer...

But the truth is...

Making money is NOT the answer.

Bet you didn’t know that...

And guess what?

Marketing, sales, and revenue are NOT what’s stopping you from reaching your goals.
You Will Continue To Struggle Make Money , You Will Continue To Do The Work Yourself, And You Will Continue Being A Glorified Freelancer...
It’s the big secret....they all know...but they don’t talk about...
And the same applies to you..

Without a group of be brutally honest... 

Your chances of running a highly successful agency drop down to single digits….

I know, because the #1 reason behind the success of my very own agency is the fact that I surrounded myself with people who were smarter than me, more experienced than me, and further ahead than me.

This allowed me to learn from their mistakes, benefit from their experiences and catch up to them faster than I ever could alone.

By allowing me to see how their businesses operate from the inside. 
So Here’s Where You Come In
This is a private - invite only masterclass.

Not anyone can just join - even if they wanted to.

The only way to get in is to be invited by one of the members.

And since I’m the founding member, and see that you’re invested in your success.
I’m Inviting You To Join The Cash Flow Engineering Masterclass
And that invite comes with a few conditions…
  • What we talk about in the masterclass - stays in the masterclass. 
  • If anyone sees you publicly sharing what’s discussed in the masterclass - you’ll be banned.
  • ​If you someone for help and they help you but you do nothing with the help they offered - then you’ll be banned.
  • If someone gives you a resource that’s meant for your benefit - you can’t share that resource with anyone else, that’s for you only.
  • If someone connects you with someone else or makes an introduction - then that’s for you and you only - passing off that new contact to others outside of the mastermind is against the rules.
  • If someone needs help and you can offer it to them - then you’re obligated to help them out.
That’s it.

Pretty simple.

The Cashflow Engineering Masterclass Is Not Going To Cost You $1,000.
… it’s not even going to cost you half of that.

You’re getting FIVE extra bonuses  (valued at $3,500) completely free. 
BONUS #1 ($2,000 Value) FREE: LIVE Q&A Consulting Calls With Dan Nicholson.

BONUS #2 ($1,000 Value) FREE: Private Invitation To Our Wealth Acceleration Network

BONUS #3 ($500 Value) FREE: 5 Universal Wealth Acceleration Principles.

BONUS #4 ($500 Value) FREE: Rigging The Game To Win Book

BONUS #5 ($500 Value) FREE: The Ultimate Guide To Recession-Proof Profits.

The combined VALUE of all this is $5,600.

The combined VALUE of all this is $5,600.
Today, you can get this for one single payment of $597.

However, since this is the first time we’re releasing these strategies inside a public Masterclass...

 We’ll slash the price by an extra $300…

You can have this for $297.

Money Back Guarantee

Here’s the world’s best guarantee.

Try it out for 30 days, and if it's not what you wanted just send us an email to and we'll refund your payment immediately, no questions asked.

I’m Not Going To Sell You On This, Because If 
You Were Smart Enough To Get This Far…
Then you’ll be smart enough to join the cashflow engineering masterclass...

And If you do join and you feel that this is not 1,000% of the value you’re getting - then let me know and I’ll refund you your initiation fee.

Hit the upgrade button below and you’ll be automatically added to the digital agency mastermind.

I’ll talk to you in the masterclass.
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